Solar Panel; We will partner with any clients in need of innovative electro-chemical power solutions for special-purpose batteries for solar electricity storage and electric motor drives ….
AkaNet – Long Lasting InsecticideThe chemical treatment in AkaNet is specially formulated and kneaded into the fibre material. This technology allows for …
Solar Energy Project CompletedSample of Completed Solar Energy Building.
High-cost performance, hybrid solar panelsMirai Denchi Inc. provides a whole range of solutions using solar electricity with made in Japan solar panels.
Surge Arrester with Street Lamp LED
Mirai Denchi

About Us

Mirai Denchi is a high-tech engineering company incorporated in Japan in 2009. Our Nigeria office was founded in 2010. Our name “Mirai Denchi”, means “future energy”. We use the most advanced(state of the art) technology to provide solar electricity or offer electric power and engineering solutions to suit our Clients’ need without harm to nature and our future.

Our mission is to offer cutting-edge electrical power and engineering solutions that raises the standard of living in the society and devoid of environmental degradation.

Our international team of engineers and scientists are mindful of the fact the best technologies are those that solve the problems of the future, not just those of today. Hence, our clients are guaranteed a satisfying solution for today, and for the future. Our color is “Green“, showing that our products and services are amiable, not inimical to nature.

Products and Services

We have produced varieties of products aimed at meeting the needs of our clientele. Our products are invaluable for household, commercial and industrial uses. These products include:


We provide solar electricity which is suitable for domestic, commercial and street lighting purposes.


These are for superior UPS and Auto-battery performance. Our Batteries have a one-year guarantee, under Japanese patent.


These include Bulbs, Fluorescents and Street Lights. Our lamps can also be customized to fit our customers’ needs.


This device protects buildings and telecommunication masts from the damaging effects of lightning. It also transmits and distributes electric power lines at sub-stations.

Our Values

Below are some of the values that distinguished us from the crowd
High Voltage & Electrical Engineering Training Facilities in Japan
Manpower Training & Skill Acquisition, Technology Transfer

Mirai Denchi Inc offers high level manpower & skills acquisition training in the facilities in Japan. Some of the training are structured for an eventual technological transfer and for sustainability of the technologies we introduce in Nigeria. The areas of training include high-voltage engineering and other relevant electrical engineering areas.

Power system and component
Surge Arrester made of ZnO

Power System and Component

We design and/or source power system components such power transformers, surge arresters, etc, for conventional power system and power electronics devices such as inverters and static vars compensators and devices for renewable power systems such as biomass, wind energy and small hydro power systems

Mirai Water Solution
Electrochemical & Magneto-Chemical Water Filtration, Mineralization and Processing System
Water Solutions

With our knowledge of electro-chemistry and electrochemical systems, we have been able to design a mineral water filtration and processing system. We can design and install a complete water supply system using our patented filtration and water processing system.

Mirai waste solution
Household & Specialized industrial waste collection bins

Environmental Engineering & Waste Solutions

Our environmental engineering solutions extends from impact assessment & feasibility studies, municipal waste disposal systems, design and management of industrial & specialized waste disposal systems, erosion management techniques to environmental remediation technologies.
Just tell us your environmental problem and we shall solve them to your satisfaction


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